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Opportunity Is Coming to a City Near You

WSJ Op-Ed: By Steve Glickman

The federal government’s most powerful economic weapon is the tax code, and its most pressing problem is…


Mnuchin's $100 Billion Market Gets Boost With Rules on Tax Break

By Laura Davison and Noah Buhayar, Bloomberg

The Internal Revenue Service unveiled proposed regulations Friday…


New ‘Opportunity Zone’ Tax-Break Rules Offer Flexibility to Developers

By Richard Rubin, WSJ

The Trump administration, trying to accelerate tax-advantaged investment in low-income areas, offered generous definitions and rules…

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Treasury, IRS issue proposed regulations on new Opportunity Zone tax incentive

Press Release

The proposed regulations clarify that almost all capital gains qualify for deferral. In the…


An Unlikely Group Of Billionaires And Politicians Has Created The Most Unbelievable Tax Break Ever

by Steven Bertoni, Forbes

Success Street in North Charleston, South Carolina, might be the most misnamed place in…


Opportunity Zones: The Map Comes Into Focus

by Economic Innovation Group

The first phase of Opportunity Zones implementation is now complete: The U.S. Treasury Secretary…


On Jane Jacobs and Opportunity Zones

by Bruce Katz, The New Localism

I have been thinking a lot about Jane Jacobs recently and how her writing informs our thinking about metropolitan finance in general and Opportunity Zones…


How ‘Social Infrastructure’ Can Knit America Together

by Richard Florida, CityLab

America is at a crossroads: Our nation is as divided as at any point since the Civil War. Our cities face a new crisis of escalating housing costs, rampant gentrification, and a growing gap between…


urban land institute issues final report on miami beach's resiliency efforts

by Susan Askew, remiamibeach.com

An independent panel of experts has released its final review and recommendations to improve Miami Beach’s efforts to combat sea level rise and…

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Learning from Opportunity Zones: How to improve place-based policies

by Hilary Gelfond and Adam Looney, Brookings Institution

While the program was intended to target distressed areas, eligibility was broad…