The Global Resilience Institute has made the decision to postpone our March 4&5 Opportunity Zone summit.


While we remain energized and fully committed to providing guidance on leveraging this program to improve societal resilience, the delay in the release of the final IRS rules and our conversations with partners and industry have made it clear that more time is needed in order to deliver a meaningful event. We are moving full steam ahead with our Resilience Enhancement System work in several Opportunity Zones that will allow our team to provide a clearer picture on the mechanics of operationalizing and scaling investments most effectively. This work, coupled with the government’s progress on regulations and industry momentum, will enable us to have a more impactful and comprehensive roadmap to share at our planned national conference. As some of the challenges impacting our timing remain fluid, the best dates for holding the conference are still under consideration. We will be providing updates here on during this process.


Thank you for your interest and support in our efforts. Together we can boost the odds that Opportunity Zones will have a positive social benefit and live up to their promise to mobilize new sources of private financing to invest in projects that advance shared prosperity and community resilience.